What inspires you?

Inspiration is all about connection!  What are you connected to? Who are you connected to? What patterns do you see and feel, and how are they related to the people and things around them?

What you look at matters!

What are you taking in through your eyes?  It is going straight to your heart, and is making your heart vibrate.  Do you want a healthy heart?  Then look at good images. Images are healing because they can heal your heart.

At Tau Healing Arts we specialize in making images that can be seen in several different ways.  Is is a picture of mountains? or waves? or an explosion? or …?  Use your imagination!  When our imaginations get into the mix, we can start to work with the metaphors that we are already using to make sense of our reality.

Healing your heart

Your heart is the center of your being, and it is no wonder that in most religions, the place of the heart receives the most focus.  Your heart is your center.  So the next question is:  How healthy is your heart?  Not only your physical heart, but your sacred space, your inner heart, where you can be in the truth and see the entire Universe!

The center of your heart is the REALLY REAL.  The rest of it can be considered illusion — the ambiguous, the not really real.  Finicky, not really telling you the truth about reality.  So your emotions that are centered in your brain (where you hear, “I love him, I don’t love him, I love him, I don’t love him”) are what we consider to be real  emotions, because those are the ones we are most familiar with.  But the emotions coming from the center of your being  — your heart — are the true emotions, because they are most integrated with who you are.  Go into your heart to find your true emotions.

How healing images can help you

Healing the innermost part of our being — our heart — can be the hardest thing we ever do in life.  Why?  Because we don’t usually like hanging out in the truth, because truth can sometimes equal pain.  And our modern culture doesn’t like pain, in general.  What we don’t realize that pain is only an indicator of an underlying beauty.  It’s a pointer.  We think it is the end-game, but it is not.  What we can have, if we get through the emotional pain, is usually indescribable beauty.

How can we do this?  Let the vibrations coming in from our eyes (and ears, if you are into sound healing) heal our heart!  That is the easy way.  Let the image “speak” to you.  Let it tell you about yourself.  Listen to its wisdom.  Let it lead you on the path to your deepest self.

What image attracts you?

There’s a reason you are attracted to a certain image!  What is the image that catches you, and makes you cry?  Why do you keep coming back to a certain image?

The image that you need to contemplate, for your own healing, is the image that will catch you, or draw you in.  You may or may not be ready to accept the healing that it is offering (or, put another way, that God is offering through the image), but it is being offered to you.  Maybe you need to jump on this!  Maybe now is the time that whatever is needing healing in your heart will actually find relief.  Go for it?  What have you got to lose?

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