At Tau Healing Arts we listen with the heart!

Our History

The idea for Theresa’s company was born when a good friend suggested that more people than her close family and friends would want the images and inspirational words that she painted on wood.  After a few years, Theresa finally agreed, and Tau Healing Arts came into existence.  The name “Tau” came from Theresa’s initials TAU — conveniently also the name of the famous Franciscan “Tau Cross”, the Greek letter tau that St. Francis of Assisi used as his signature.  Imagine being named after the Tau Cross!  So the name got incorporated into her business, and everything she does has that spiritual element.

Our Staff

Theresa Utschig
Owner, Spiritual Director and Artist

Theresa Utschig is the founder and owner of Tau Healing Arts.  She is a chaplain, artist and spiritual director, and has been providing spiritual direction for 20 years in England, France and back home in the greater Milwaukee area. She listens deeply to the world and each person to help discern where God/Source/Spirit is leading us to wholeness and life.

Theresa is a board-certified hospital chaplain, working for the last twelve years at Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital and at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in Milwaukee.

Theresa holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Heythrop, the Jesuit college of the University of London.  She was college chaplain at St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College in London, and worked for many years at the ecumenical community of Taizé in France, accompanying young adults from around the globe.

Theresa is an artist, musician and international folk dancer. She listens deeply to help discern where God is leading each person to greater wholeness and life, and paints images to help ease the process of healing of spirit and emotions.


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