Embodied Spirituality: Surrendering into the I AM


One day online interactive retreat.  March 13, 2021  10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CST

Our spiritual journey leads inward to the center of our being, our heart and soul. This Embodied Spirituality Retreat brings participants into close loving contact with the I AM, Christ the Healer, the Ground of our Being, and Source of Life. In this one-day interactive online retreat we will explore honoring our bodies as the meeting place of soul and spirit, the sacred dwelling space for God. How can we surrender to the wisdom of integrating our body and spirit in a balanced way, allowing us the freedom to take action in the world from the “God-center” within us? We will explore how being open, awake, and present to the “I AM” alive in our heart, allows us to embody the spirit of God and to be of service in the world.


Kathy Ginn, L.M.T. Hakomi Body-Centered Therapist — Kathy has been active in the profession of massage therapy and transformational bodywork since 1991. Her focus is body-centered spiritual growth and healing. The deep current of her work is guiding others into their body as a way to dwell in the quiet place, discover the river within and deepen their intimacy with God. Kathy is recognized as a warm, genuine and deeply inspiring teacher.

Theresa Utschig, MAPS, BCC — Theresa is a spiritual life coach, artist and hospital chaplain. She listens deeply to each person to help discern where God/Source/Spirit is leading all of us to wholeness and life. Theresa is a dancer, musician, artist, gardener and lover of nature, immersing herself in all things created by God who is only LOVE!


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