Retreat Direction – Three 30-minute Sessions


Three one-to-one Retreat Direction sessions, one half hour each.

A retreat is a time away from your everyday life, a time to be with God and to ask the deep questions in your heart.  As you work through what arises in your heart on a retreat–feelings, memories, thoughts, dreams, goals–it can be incredibly helpful to talk with someone, to help you to stay aligned with God, and what God may be asking of you at this time in your life. Often a short session of 1/2 hour each day, or every few days, can help you to keep oriented to your retreat goals, or help you to enter more deeply into your conversation with God.

In a Retreat Direction session, Theresa helps you to listen more deeply to your heart, and to remain true to yourself as you discover more of what God desires for you in your life. Sessions are 1/2 hour, either in-person or on-line. The three-session bundle can carry you beautifully through a short retreat. All sessions are private and confidential.


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