Live in Love

As a facilitator of transformation, I can help to empower you to do what you are born to do in life, and to be who you are meant to be.  My goal is that through our work together you will find the emotional healing and the confidence that you desire to move forward in an empowered way in your life, to shine your light out brightly in this world. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to transform your life!


Spiritual life coaching

What is your story? How are you engaging with your life goals and desires? What is your purpose on the earth? What is the work you came here to do? We will look at your goals and where you want to be in your spiritual life. From there we create an achievable plan for how to reach your goals, taking into account your lifestyle, your personality, and the current spiritual tools you are using.  Our conversations are confidential. We meet once a week or as needed. Sessions are available in person, over the phone and through Face Time or Zoom. An introductory session is free. You can also book a spiritual life coaching session, and get on my calendar.


Spiritual direction

Where are you at in your spiritual journey? What is God doing in your life? What is your sacred story? What decisions are you currently facing? What are you holding in your heart?  In spiritual direction I can help you to listen for where God is leading you, and how you are called to be in the world. Can you hear the still, small voice of God within?  Spiritual Direction is confidential, and we meet monthly or as frequently as you need. In-person, by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.  Contact me to arrange your free introductory session. Or book your spiritual direction appointment.


Retreat Direction Session

A retreat is a time away from your everyday life, a time to be with God and to ask the deep questions in your heart.  As you work through what arises in your heart on a retreat–feelings, memories, thoughts, dreams, goals–it can be incredibly helpful to talk with someone, to help you to stay aligned with God, and what God may be asking of you at this time in your life. Often a short session of 1/2 hour each day, or every few days, can help you to keep oriented to your retreat goals, or help you to enter more deeply into your conversation with God.

In a Retreat Direction session, Theresa helps you to listen more deeply to your heart, and to remain true to yourself as you discover more of what God desires for you in your life. Sessions are 1/2 hour, either in-person or on-line. All sessions are private and confidential. Book your Retreat Direction session and contact me to arrange time(s) to talk during your retreat.


Heart Language Meditation Sessions

In Meditation we allow our spirit to be in a deeper communion with the divine Spirit, the Holy Spirit. During a heart language meditation session, I help to facilitate this space of gentleness and openness as you listen to your heart and allow the Spirit of Love to work with you. Preliminary conversation will help you to focus on the topics that come up for emotional and spiritual healing. The Holy Spirit works respectfully with your spirit to help you to release what is no longer serving you in your life, and to focus on where you are going. Sessions are available in person, over the phone and through Face Time. All sessions are confidential.